Login with Facebook Troubleshooting Guide


Due to some technical issues regarding Facebook Login caused by changes in policy, you will not be able to login to Agate ID using Facebook at the moment. Please refrain from logging out or uninstalling Code Atma if you log in with Facebook. It may result in the inability to re-login in the future.

If you logged out, uninstalled, and want to access Code Atma, we can help you by CLONING the data in your old account to a new account. Please follow these steps to do so:

  • Make sure you remember or have saved your ID and/or nickname of your old account. This will help us find your account to clone. If you, unfortunately, don’t have your ID and/or nickname, we can’t be of help as we don’t know your account.
  • To delete your old data, you can use the ‘Clear Data’ option in your phone settings. (Optional)
  • Register new Agate ID using your email address and play the game as a new user once you’ve restarted the game.
  • Follow the tutorial until you can open Seeker Profile. Copy and save your ID.
  • Send an email to cs@agate.id, contact Portal Keepers on Discord, or message us on social media and paste your old and new Seeker ID. Please mention that you have Facebook login issues and want to clone your old account into your new account.
  • We will inform you once the clone is finished and you can continue playing using your old data in your new account.