Transmission Lost : Note from the Developers

Call upon your Atma to continue the fight. The truth still lies Beyond the Veil!


Greetings, Seekers


The last few weeks were a blast for us, and we hope you think so too. The campaign was amazing and we love your enthusiasm. However, it was actually a farewell gift from us to you.

We have decided to stop the development of Code Atma by the end of September 2022. You can still play Code Atma as usual, but there will be no updates. This doesn’t mean we’re shutting down. Should the opportunity arise, Code Atma will be back once more.

In this post, we want to relay several messages from the Code Atma developer team for you, which you can read on the next slides.

We thank everyone who made this journey memorable, and those who never stopped seeking the truth.


“For me, developing Code Atma is a dream come true. This game will always have a special place in my heart, and it’s all thanks to you, Seekers. Your support, kind words, and spirit had always inspired me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”
Devi Santi Ariani – Story Writer


“As a huge fan myself, I’m beyond proud to have developed and published an enjoyable game that is loved by the players. Your feedback and enthusiasm were the things that made Code Atma a better game. Thank you so much to all Seekers who supported and enjoyed Code Atma until now.”
Aldia Faulinasari – Product Manager


“Thank you to every Seeker who had played and supported Code Atma. You were our biggest source of motivation when developing Code Atma. Although we can no longer give you more updates, your continuous support will always be remembered. We hope you will also remember Code Atma as a fond memory, and we hope to meet you again later.”
Indri Dwi Ayu – Game Designer


“Cool community, amazing dev team, fun game, and unforgettable experience were the essence of Code Atma. Thank you, and may we meet again in another place, another time.”
Rijal Fathan Sidiq – Game Producer


“I’m humbled that our players have been with Code Atma for almost 2 years, with all its ups and downs. We’ve ventured to places we thought we’ll never reach, such as when we became the first Indonesian game with global LiveOps. We were delighted to see people from all over the globe finding the concept of living with the supernatural interesting.

Now it’s time to say our goodbyes, but Code Atma is still around, just like Atma around us. I hope we can meet again in the future somehow.”
Happy Kurnia – Product Manager


“Very grateful for our community that had always been supportive towards one another. We deeply appreciate the kindness, compassion, and energy you’ve given us the past 2 years. Hopefully we will stay in touch and still be friends even without Asterisk’s presence. Love you all!”
Alika Salsabila – Community Manager


Goodbye for now, Seeker.
Take care.

The Code Atma Team