Asterisk Announcement


It has recently come to our attention that untethered, masterless Atma are growing in numbers. There have been numerous cases of them attacking not only random Seekers, but also innocent bystanders. Lives have been lost due to their indiscriminate attacks, and we fear that they will only get stronger by the minute.

Due to the threat they pose, we realized that we must change our approach to attain a measure of victory. We have prepared a wide array of supplies to accommodate your effort in preparation for a bigger war. Thus, the changes and updates regarding the details of war supplies emerged from the urgency to help more Seekers survive multiple, life-threatening battles.


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Diamond Store



The value of these diamond packages are multiplied so that you get double the amount for much less. This, we believe, will be immensely helpful in your fight against hostile Atma. This adjustment was implemented on August 13, 2021, at 11.00 am (GMT+7) (Version 101.01)

You, along with other Seekers will also get the chance to claim Elemental Tickets in your mailbox on August 18. This shall help fuel your own efforts in recruiting new Atma according to their individual elements, in order to better strategize before each fight.

It is up to us to rein in the chaos and brutality that ensue in the wake of these attacks, and we hope that the changes we’ve made will finally put a dent to their numbers. Thank you for your faith in us, Seeker, the War Beyond the Veil is ours to win.