Rangda’s Blessing and Curse of Rangda Event

  Greetings, Seeker Haven’t had the chance to add Rangda to your forces? Don’t worry, the Rangda’s Blessing event will increase your chance to summon her and other 5-stars Atma. With the Limited Summon banner, your chance to summon a 5-star Atma will increase for every 10 summon, and reset to the base value after […]

Kandita x Anggatri Summon

  Seeker, Kandita, The Queen of the Southern Seas, and her right hand, Anggatri are ready to form a pack. They will make your team stronger with their freeze synergy. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity, summon them now!   Regards, Asterisk      

Seekers’ Showdown: Underdogs!

Did you survive the last season of Seekers’ Showdown? Don’t let your guard down. It’s not over, yet. Brace yourself for the next season of Seekers’ Showdown: Underdogs! This is where the table will be turned. The underdogs will eat you alive. Come prepared or don’t come at all! Once again, may the veil have […]

The Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale

The Mahaguru, accompanied by Sembrani, has begun his quest to find Arjuna and his brothers. As a mentor, Drona needs to ensure that this war isn’t based on grudges that the Pandawas’ held against the Lords of Kuru. A war should be in favor of the people of the Kingdom. His heart is torn between […]

Gatotkaca’s Siege

With his newfound allies, Gatotkaca is now ready to lead the siege against the wandering threat. An enormous tower emerges cause by the dimensional rift is swarmed by poweful wanderers. Join Gatotkaca, help him win the fight and restore the balance of the two worlds.     To prepare for this threat, we have also […]

Gatotkaca’s Test of Might

The App is detecting an incoming threat from deviants, a rift between realities has finally opened. Gatotkaca is recruiting those who are brave enough to join him against the deviant threat. Enter his labyrinth, complete his test, and add him as one of your respected allies!       To prepare for this threat, we […]

Portal of Summons

The App is detecting a particular astral wave. We are expecting a portal of summons to open soon. Prepare yourself to face all the Wanderers that will appear. Log in every day to earn rewards and form a pact with them!         At the same time, Timun Mas manifested, ready to form […]

The Two Brothers

Antasena’s attack will cause more damage if Wisanggeni burns your opponent. They’ve manifested and ready to form a pact as the sacred night approach. Are you the Seeker that destined to summon them?     Don’t miss this opportunity, summon them now! Regards, Asterisk    

Sacred Tower Event

As the sacred night approach, the twilight will sweep across the earth’s surface and shed all the veil. The portals to other dimensions would be exposed. The Sacred Tower will appear and open its doors, call upon all Seekers to conquer its every floor.           Just as the Sacred Night returns, […]

Can you hear the song of the sea?

Can you hear the song of the sea, Seeker? Its healing power manifested in this water element Atma; Samosara. She’s ready to be your Atma, your partner; your family.         Samosara and Surti are ready to form a pact with you. Summon them, now!     Regards, Asterisk.