It’s Already Been 1 Year!

Time is truly fleeting. we will soon be approaching the date of our first soft launch anniversary. We would have never made it so far without all of you, fighting the war beyond the veil. Please continue using this app during this anniversary period to see what we have in store for all of you, […]

Of Brotherhood & Blood

Antasena and his Seeker race against time to find their brothers, Wisanggeni and his Seeker. Once again, they’re accused of committing a crime. Antasena and his Seeker have to find them first before the authorities step in. Would this search bring the two drifted-apart twins Seeker and Atma closer?             […]

The Two Brothers

Antasena’s attack will cause more damage if Wisanggeni burns your opponent. They’ve manifested and ready to form a pact as the sacred night approach. Are you the Seeker that destined to summon them?     Don’t miss this opportunity, summon them now! Regards, Asterisk    

Sweetheart Sweta

Meet Sweetheart Sweta! Get the Limited-Time Skin Gothic Lohita through the Deluxe Gift which will take place on May 7-June 9, 2021. Sweetheart Sweta will surely lead your Atma to victory!     Regards, Asterisk.    

Chronicle Update

As the manifestation of the soul, so many Atmas exist because people believe that their stories are true. Chronicle Highlight present Sisterly Tale: Sweta & Lohita. Are you ready to unfold their story?         Regards, Asterisk    

The Wind Riders are coming!

The sun shining brighter than ever, the tree branch rustling with the wind, a furry figure glide through the woods. Blowgun at hand, ready to attack whoever disturbs the forest. Cindaku, she is.       Manifested with Gatotkaca, Cindaku is now ready to be summoned by a worthy Seeker. Are you the one? Regards, […]

Gothic Lohita

Meet Gothic Lohita! Get the Limited-Time Skin Gothic Lohita through the Deluxe Gift which will take place on April 14-27, 2021. Gothic Lohita will surely lead your Atma to victory!       Regards, Asterisk.    

Long live the King!

What will you do if you find out that your homeland deteriorates? Ruled by a cruel King, who lives in luxury while his people weep on empty stomachs. What actions would you take as an assassin with Vrahatnala by your side?         Find out what Kresna will do in the new chronicle […]

Melatma Mischief Madness

Summon them all! For every Seeker’s failure to summon 5-star souls, one of them is born. One-part Jelly, Two-Part Astral Energy, and Twelve-Part of Salt, who would’ve thought that power is all they brought. Agile and unpredictable, they’re totally reliable in battle.           Claim daily free summon ticket and finish quests […]

The Ill-Fated Alchemist is here!

The Ill-fated Alchemist is here. Amritha arise as quiet as the wind rises. The venom nectar in her vials are stronger than ever. Together with Hanuman, she manifested and ready to form a pact with you. Summon them, now.           Regards, Asterisk