Patch Notes ver.1.1.31

January 4, 2022   January 2022 Events! “Face the new year with the power accumulated from your daily struggle.”   Now that the IAP issue has been resolved, we will reschedule some of our Melanta events.   New Year Events: [Event] (schedule update) Dungeon Event : Melanta Dungeon of Presents (24/12/2021 – 12/01/2022) Conquer the […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.21

December 24, 2021   Melanta’s Dungeon of Presents and End of Year Updates “Once in million years, it will hear your tears. The season when your tears are frozen, it will come down with a sparkling present. Wipe your tears and pray hard, cause it will bless you or break your heart.” [New Atma] Melanta, […]

Patch Notes ver.1.0.9

December 2, 2021   Rajati: the Miracle Dealer This update introduces a new healer Atma, a new big feature where you can add other Seekers as friends, and some upcoming events for December.   [New Atma] Rajati, the Miracle Dealer Genius, competent, and an overall excellent entrepreneur, Rajati’s greatness rivals that of Agni’s. She’s been […]

Patch Notes ver1.0.8

November 18, 2021     Madam Sari’s Smithing Festival This update introduces a new event that focuses on equipment smithing on a discounted price. 2 Chronicles will be re-highlighted and there are new deals offered to Seekers.      [New Event] Madam Sari’s Smithing Festival (18/11 – 1/12 2021) Craft equipments and collect Emerald Tokens […]

Patch Notes ver1.0.7

[November 4, 2021]   Rangda: the Moonlight Mistress This update introduces a new Moon Atma named Rangda. With her various events and new shop, Seekers have the chance to get her fast as well as getting skins they haven’t got. Note that there was no patch notes for ver1.0.6 as it was only performance improvement […]

Patch Notes ver.1.0.5

[Octover 7, 2021]   Spooky October Update! This update we added 2 new events that will be available until the end of October. We’re also re-offering the Halloween skins of Noni, Sandekala, and Rahwana Seekers can either purchase or obtain from the event.      [New Events] Tower of Trick (13/10/2021 – 03/11/2021) Labyrinth of […]

Patch Notes ver.0.104.1

[September 24, 2021]   Return of the Sisters On September 24, 2021, Code Atma will deliver updates for Sweta and Lohita’s Chronicles, new Epic Battle 0, and some improvement in game’s quality of life.     [Sisterly Tales Chronicle] Sweta (29 Sept – 12 Oct 2021) Lohita (6 Oct – 19 Oct 2021) Sisterly Tales […]

Patch Notes ver.0.103.1

[September 9, 2021]   Performance Improvements Update September 9, 2021 maintenance of Code Atma focused on bugfixes and several server-side improvements to allow a smoother experience for our players.     [New Features] Claim All We’ve listened to your feedback! We add Claim All on Quest, Event Quest and Errand for your convenience collecting rewards! […]

Patch Notes ver.0.102.01

August 26, 2021     Kresna’s Dungeon of Riddle This big update contains several new IAP of summer-themed skins. Version 102.1 also added a new special event where Seekers can have Kresna in their team and trade collectibles with a free Sura skin. Beside the special dungeon event, Seekers can also finish Mythical Bootcamp to […]

Patch Notes ver.0.100.01

August 4, 2021   Story Update August 4 2021 update for Code Atma brings the long awaited continuation of the main storyline in Chapter 7!    [New Content] Story Chapter 7 is now available! “It is not what’s inside of the flickering light of fireflies you should fear, it is what lurks outside in the […]