Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 July’22

June 30, 2022   Breezy July’22 Events “July is the month of summer shine, joy, and holiday! Step into the sandy beach and listen to the waves along with people you love under the golden sun. Sure, it’s mostly raining in many places. But summer is a state of mind to brighten your soul even […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 June’22 – 2

June 15, 2022   Mighty June’22 Events Part 2 “Code Atma will celebrate its 2nd soft-launch anniversary this month. We want to send our thanks to all Seekers who are still with us since our inception. And for those who joined later we hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Let’s continue our journey to unveil the […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 June’22 – 1

May 31, 2022   Mighty June’22 Events Part 1 “The greatest mass delusion is ‘order is the natural state of the world’. It’s never, in the eyes of mortal. It is us, who have the might more than common masses, who sweep the chaos under the rug.”   Atma Summon Regular Summon: Vrahatnala x Gatotkaca […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 May’22 – 2

May 18, 2022   Sacred May’22 Events Part 2 “Silence and sombreness sometimes follow sacredness. Though this time, solemnity surfaced to silence someone before a certain celebration.”   Atma Summon –   Chronicle Highlight The Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale – Drona (25/05 – 07/06)   Events Outgame Quest + Altar Store: Rajati’s Summon Festival (25/05 – […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 May’22 – 1

April 27, 2022   Sacred May’22 Events Part 1 “As the Sacred Night approaches, the twilight will sweep across the earth’s surface and shed all the veil. The portals to other dimensions would be exposed. The Sacred Tower will appear and open its doors, call upon all Seekers to conquer it’s every floor.”   Atma […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 April’22 – 2

April 13, 2022   Blessed April’22 Events Part 2 “Look what a blissful night can bring: Souls and spirits without stain The fighters are on the ring Let the showdown begin!”   Atma Summon Regular Summon: Drona x Nara (20/04 – 25/05)   Chronicle Highlight The Oathkeeper’s Tale: Lampir (20/04 – 03/05) Of Brotherhood and […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.41 April’22 – 1

March 30, 2022   Blessed April’22 Events Part 1 “For every Seeker’s failure to summon 5-star souls, one of them is born. One-part Jelly, Two-Part Astral Energy, and Twelve-Part of Salt, who would’ve thought that power is all they brought. Agile and unpredictable, they’re totally reliable in battle.”   Atma Summon Spirit Summon: All Atma […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.41 March’22 – 2

March 2, 2022   Abysmal March 2022 Events Part 2!   Atma Summon Regular Summon: Wisanggeni x Antasena (02/03/22 – 06/04/22) (schedule update) Regular Summon: Amritha x Hanuman (16/03/22 – 13/04/22) (schedule update) Spirit Summon: All Atma (30/03/22 – 04/05/22)   Chronicle Highlight The False King’s Reign: Kresna (30/03/22 – 12/04/22)   Events Melatma’s Mischief […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.41 March’22 – 1

March 2, 2022   Abysmal March 2022 Events Part 1! “Oh, how I loathe the sun, Its sharp and blinding light, Averting our gaze from what lies beyond sight, A future of ruin, deceit, and betrayal.”     Atma Summon Spirit Summon: Abysmal Spirit Rangda (02/03/22 – 30/03/22) “The Moonlight Mistress Comes Again to Confers […]

Patch Notes ver.1.1.41 February’22

February 21, 2022   February 2022 Events Part 2! “May the strength of Gatotkaca inspire you to move forward.”   Feature Update Bahasa Indonesia option for VN and Tutorial New Seekers can choose the language for VN (Story campaign and chronicles) and tutorial at the first-time opening Code Atma. Existing Seekers can change language from […]