Patch Notes v.0.96.01

[May 28, 2021]     Portal of Summons This update opened the game to 3 new regions: United Kingdom, Canada, and Denmark. To help new Seekers progress faster, Portal of Summons event is also live. A 6-star Timun Mas is also added into the Atma pool, and the continuation of Of Brotherhood and Blood, told […]

Patch Notes v.0.95.01

[May 7, 2021]   Of Brotherhood and Blood: Antasena This update we added a new Atma Chronicle which will be released on the 19th. Meanwhile, Seekers can enjoy NEW 4x  battle speed and new Atma skin, Sweetheart Sweta from deluxe subscription purchase. We also added a new 6* Atma, Wisanggeni, to the Atma pool.    […]

Patch Notes v.0.93.01

[April 28, 2021]   Return of the Sacred Night’s Tower In this update, we added various quality of life for Seekers and reopen the Sacred Night’s Tower event. In the tower we also have Bestly Hans Kusuma who opened his special shop where Seekers can trade a specific currency for items. We also added a […]

Patch Notes v.0.92.01

  [April 14, 2021]   Kresna: The False King’s Reign This update we added a new Chronicle called The False King’s Reign. We also added a 6* Cindaku into the Atma pool, as well as the synth materials. Lohita has a new skin which you can get from our deluxe package! Lastly, we also improved […]

Patch Notes v.0.91.03

[March 31, 2021]   Melatma’s Mischief Madness   This update, we launched a new event called Melatma’s Mischief Madness where Seekers can complete quests to obtain all 6 Mela of different elements. In this update, we also added Amritha to the 6-star pool, as well as giving free 5-star Lohita to all players to also […]

Patch Notes v.90.02

[March 17th, 2021]   Era of the Kingslayer: Kresna   Seeker, on March 17th, the update added a new atma with Water element and Rogue class, named Kresna. Sea-E-O Kandita and Ring Princess Jela skins also returned in this patch. A new event called Spring Seekers’ Showdown, major bug fixes, as well as new contents […]

Patch Notes v.0.89.01

[March 3rd, 2021]   The Tale of the Mahaguru: Drona   Seeker, on March 3rd 2021, the update added new contents and fixed major bugs, along with the release of Drona’s chronicle.   [New Summon Banner] Drona 5* and Nara 5*     [New Event] Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale: His students, or his Kingdom? Follow Drona’s […]

Patch Notes v.0.86

[February 18th, 2021]   Rise of the Oath Keeper: Lampir   Seeker, on February 18th, 2021, we had a big update as we started to expand to global market! This update will primarily add new contents, including a new Earth Atma and the lovely Valentine skins of Arjuna and Srikandi.   [New Atma] Lampir 5* […]