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Drona War broke out on the horizon, as Drona and his beloved students stood on opposite sides. Whoever emerges as the victor, Drona will be the best to lead the army whose he swore an oath to.  Element Wind Role Tank Ability HP 32684 Attack 1020 Defense 683 Damage 31.05% Speed 535 Skill Kris Cundamanik Deal 300% damage to […]


gatotkaca stats code atma

Gatotkaca The blood of giants courses through his veins – as he flies without wings with the garb given by the king of heavens. Muscles of wire, bones of steel – sacred weapon forged in his every fiber of being. Element Sun Role Tank Ability HP 12638 Attack 961 Defense 480 Damage 26.67% Speed 478 Skill Kasutpada Kacarma Deal 100% damage […]