Code Atma is Now Available in North America & Europe!



The breach is expanding!

The last App update allows us to detect several veil breaches around the world that were undetected before. Without a doubt, an incredible amount of souls seep through the dimensional rift to inhabit every ley line node on earth. It won’t be long until they manifest into untethered Atma—or Wanderers as we called it. There’s no telling to which side their loyalty lies; Is it the dark? Or is it the light?

Code Atma shall lend you with the power to fight in the War Beyond the Veil.

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How to Claim Your Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the Grand Launch and 50.000 pre-registration milestone, Asterisk will give out rewards to Seekers who fulfill these requirements:

  • Log in between 08/19/21 at 06:30pm and 09/19/21 at 06:30pm (UTC+7) or 08/19/21 at 11:30am and 09/19/21 at 11:30am (PDT)
  • Has finished chapter 0 of the main campaign
  • After you finished Chapter 0, please check your in-game mailbox to collect the rewards