Patch Notes v.0.89.01

[March 3rd, 2021]


The Tale of the Mahaguru: Drona


Seeker, on March 3rd 2021, the update added new contents and fixed major bugs, along with the release of Drona’s chronicle.


[New Summon Banner]

Drona 5* and Nara 5*



[New Event]

Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale: His students, or his Kingdom? Follow Drona’s footsteps in the new released Chronicle, Mahaguru Criterion Tale. Get Drona’s Illustration and High Mudra, as well as lot of Seals, now!



[Technical Updates]

  • Seeker can now share their lucky summons directly to their social media via the new “Share” button
  • For a better representation, Atma are now signified by their power/CP rather than levels in battle
  • Fix on Garuda’s skill issues: A bug on the skill which makes our Atma keep attacking the dead foes is now fixed
  • General improvements on the app’s stability
  • As per Seeker’s feedback, new Campaign Quests are added, and more will be added in the near future



[Hotfix v.89.01]

Previously, the version was v.88.01. However, due to some unforeseen technical issues, we fixed them in this hotfix. These fixes include:

  • Fixed the “2x free reward feature” error in Deals
  • Fixed the device’s “back” button not functioning properly bug
  • Fixed the “Login Failed” pop-up notification when trying to enter the game



Thank you.