Patch Notes v.0.91.03

[March 31, 2021]


Melatma’s Mischief Madness


This update, we launched a new event called Melatma’s Mischief Madness where Seekers can complete quests to obtain all 6 Mela of different elements. In this update, we also added Amritha to the 6-star pool, as well as giving free 5-star Lohita to all players to also help increasing the power of new Seekers. 



[New Event]

Melatma’s Mischief Madness

Oh no, they’re here! Born from the salt of Seekers who failed to summon 5 stars, these Melatma is eager to help(??) you win this war! Melatma only appears on early weeks of April each year, beware!

During this event, earn summoning tickets just by logging in and finishing daily quests every day!

You can also get your very own Melatma of all elements by completing the quests!



[New Atma]

  • Amritha 6*

Was once human, she rose again to become the venomous apocalypse of men.

  • Synth Recipe for Amritha 6*
  • Melatma of Elements 1*


[New Offers]

  • April’s Summoning Deal (April 1-2, 2021)
  • Holiday Offer (April 3-4, 2021)



[Technical Updates]


As per Seekers’ feedback, The Labyrinth now have only 5 rooms per floor, allowing Seekers to complete it faster. Since the floor has been shortened, each battle would be more meaningful and harder, and the reward has been doubled.


To help new Seeker progress faster, from now on, we will grant every Seeker a free 5* Atma when they complete Chapter 0. Seekers who’s been progressing further are directly eligible to claim the free 5* Atma.


We’ve been tweaking difficulties from chapter 1 to 3 to smoothen new Seeker’s experience. This will still be subject of iteration.



[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed a bug where skin cannot be equipped during certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug where the compendium wont show Seeker’s collected atma during certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug where selling equipment while the equipment filter is on, resets the equipment
  • Fixed a bug where Tower 100F doesn’t show correct reward when cleared
  • Improvements in app stability



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