Patch Notes v.0.92.01


[April 14, 2021]


Kresna: The False King’s Reign

This update we added a new Chronicle called The False King’s Reign. We also added a 6* Cindaku into the Atma pool, as well as the synth materials. Lohita has a new skin which you can get from our deluxe package! Lastly, we also improved and adjusted the QoL and fixed bugs to improve your gaming experience.



[New Contents]

Chronicle: Kresna

The False King’s Reign – Are you willing to sully your hands and fix a rotten kingdom from within? Kresna’s Chronicle is available for free for a limited time!

Atma Rarity Upgrade

1. Cindaku 6*

2. Cindaku Synth Material

New Summon Banner

Cindaku 5* and Gatotkaca 5*



[New Skin]

Gothic Lohita

Her skin is now available through the purchase of Deluxe Gift! Multiple purchases available.


[New Offers]

  • Adjustments and additions to Welcome Pack so it’s more relevant to new Seekers
  • Holy Month Deals every week
  • New Deluxe Gift, featuring Gothic Lohita Skin



[Technical Update]

As per Seekers’ feedback, you can now view Atma details (and see their stats, skills, equipment, and Mudra) in battle by press-holding their icons. This feature is experimental; it might have some anomaly and is still under close investigation. Below is the image example of the feature.



  • Fixed bug where event button can appear in an unintended location
  • Fixed Fight Club-related minor bugs
  • Fixed visual bug where Player XP is displayed incorrectly in the idle income screen
  • Stability Improvement



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