Patch Notes v.0.93.01

[April 28, 2021]


Return of the Sacred Night’s Tower

In this update, we added various quality of life for Seekers and reopen the Sacred Night’s Tower event. In the tower we also have Bestly Hans Kusuma who opened his special shop where Seekers can trade a specific currency for items. We also added a 6* Samosara to the Atma pool, added new summon banner, and updated some Atma’s visual effects.



[New Atma]

  • Rarity Upgrade: Samosara 6*
  • New Synth Recipe: Samosara 6*



[New Summon Banner]

  • Samosara 5* x Surti 5*




[New Event]


As the sacred night approach, the Sacred Tower will appear and open its doors, call upon all Seekers to conquer its every floor. Just as the Sacred Night fell, an event store is now open where Seekers could trade token they got from the Tower.




[New Offers]

  • Event Deals via Bestly Hans Kusuma’s special shop

Seekers can purchase Kardable (event token) and Diamonds in the Event Deals (enter via Event Store). Kardable can be traded for items in Bestly’s shop!




[Technical Updates]

  • Seekers can now use Skin as their Avatar
  • Some Atma’s visual effects are improved in this patch as follows:
    • Antasena 5* & 6*
    • Somawari 4* & 5*
    • Amritha 4*, 5*, & 6*
    • Kandita 5* & 6*
    • Lampir 6*
    • Shinta 4* & 5*
    • Lohita 5* & 6*
    • Kresna 5* & 6*
  • Following latest update on Atma details, Seekers can now view their Enemy Atma’s details (and see their skill/ability) in battle by tapping the Enemy Atma.
    Below is the image example of the feature:




  • Fixed bug where event button can appear in an unintended location
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed visual bug where amount of item is displayed incorrectly
  • Stability improvement and optimization




Thank you,