Patch Notes v.0.95.01

[May 7, 2021]


Of Brotherhood and Blood: Antasena

This update we added a new Atma Chronicle which will be released on the 19th. Meanwhile, Seekers can enjoy NEW 4x  battle speed and new Atma skin, Sweetheart Sweta from deluxe subscription purchase. We also added a new 6* Atma, Wisanggeni, to the Atma pool. 



[New Atma]

  • Rarity upgrade: Wisanggeni 6*
  • Atma synth recipe: Wisanggeni 6*




[New Chronicle]

Antasena: Of Brotherhood and Blood

Relive the events regarding Antasena, Wisanggeni, and their Seekers to re-learn what it means to be brothers and partners!

*Event starts on May 19



[New Summon Banner]

Antasena 5* x Wisanggeni 5*

*New banner starts on May 13



[New Skin]

Sweetheart Sweta

Get her lovely, lolita look by subscribing to this month’s Deluxe Gift! Owning multiple skins is possible from repurchasing.



[New Offer]

Starting on May 11th, the Victorious Day Deal will be available to purchase.



[New Adjustments and Improvements]

  • 4x battle speed
  • Optimization and bugfixes



Thank you,