Patch Notes v.0.96.01

[May 28, 2021]



Portal of Summons

This update opened the game to 3 new regions: United Kingdom, Canada, and Denmark. To help new Seekers progress faster, Portal of Summons event is also live. A 6-star Timun Mas is also added into the Atma pool, and the continuation of Of Brotherhood and Blood, told from Wisanggeni’s point of view.



[New Atma]

  • Timun Mas 6*
  • Timun Mas 6* synth recipe



[New Chronicle]

Wisanggeni: Of Brotherhood and Blood

What will hapen to the group? See the end of their story by finishing Wisanggeni’s Chronicle!



[New Event]

Portal of Summons

As Code Atma launches to new regions, we are expecting new portals to the astral realm to be opened… And with them, both threat and new opportunities. Log in every day, earn rewards, bolster your atma line up during this limited-time event!



[New Offers]

New Region Deal; A new high-value limited time resource offer to help you create strong Atma formations early!



[Technical Update]

  • New Game Intro and Tutorial

To better accomodate New Seekers, we have been rolling out the first iteration of a better intro to the game : It’s much shorter, show the combo mechanics clearer, and have improved pacing than the old one. This first iteration of the new Intro part will focus on the technical testing. The next iteration will have the Intro be more polished and cinematic.

Seekers who haven’t finished Chapter 0 earlier will be transferred to new Intro. But don’t worry, Seekers will retain all the extra rewards you’ve got so far (will be sent to inbox once Seeker reached Chapter 1-1). More details later on the FAQ channel.

  • Beginner’s Quest

Beginner’s Quest is a series of Quests to help Seekers progress faster and more efficiently during the first week of the game. The quests and additional rewards are available for new Seekers.



[Technical Improvements]

  • Visual optimizations to make the app uses less memory and loads faster
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements



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