Patch Notes v.0.97.01

June 10, 2021


Test of Might: Gatotkaca’s Challenge

This update we added a labyrinth event where Seekers can get Gatotkaca 5* after finishing the challenges. There’s also a change in deluxe gift where Seekers can get and use Noni AI skin in battles. 




[New Event]

Gatotkaca’s Test of Might

Gatotkaca is recruiting! Before the fight against the horde of deviants, Gatotkaca is looking for Seekers to join him in battle. Be it veterans or new bloods, those who wish to fight alongside him needs to complete his test. Navigate the labyrinth and test your might against Gatotkaca to add him as one of your honorable allies.




[New Offer]

Deluxe gift with premium Noni AI skin

“Hi, I am Noni. Your dearest sweetheart companion.”

With a synthetic voice, Noni introduces herself with a new look. Add Noni’s digital look to your collection by purchasing our limited deluxe gift offer!




[Technical Update]

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed issue in Bunian’s and Mermaid’s Enemy Text.
    • Fixed several issues in the game’s battle system.
    • Fixed arena points inaccurately displayed as gold coins in the reward preview




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