Patch Notes v.0.86

[February 18th, 2021]


Rise of the Oath Keeper: Lampir


Seeker, on February 18th, 2021, we had a big update as we started to expand to global market! This update will primarily add new contents, including a new Earth Atma and the lovely Valentine skins of Arjuna and Srikandi.


[New Atma]

  • Lampir 5* and Lampir 6*

          She will petrify foes with BURN debuff for 2 rounds. Summon her and benefit from her everlasting loyalty!

  • Synth recipe of Lampir 6*


[New Summon Banner]

Lampir 5* + Rahwana 5*


[New Campaign’s Chapter]

Campaign Continuation : Chapter 16


[New Event]

Oath Keeper’s Tale : Experience the memories of Lampir and her Seeker on their struggle to break the curse and save their village. Is their sacrifice worth the reward? Lampir’s Chronicle will be free for a limited time!


[New Limited Offers]

  • Dazzling Srikandi Deal (Skin + resources) + Dazzling Srikandi Deluxe (Skin + Srikandi)

  • Deluxe Gift has been updated with a new skin (Dashing Arjuna)


[Detailed Changes]

These are the detailed change logs for current version :

  1. To accommodate international Seekers, Code Atma’s primary language will be English. There will be language selection feature, but it’s not accessible yet in this current version. For Indonesian Seekers, details of this topic will be on a separate note (Indonesian)
  2. Offers in Premium Store now have labels to highlight which offers are currently popular and most valuable among Seekers. These labels are dynamic and may change over time to help Seeker decide easier on which offers suit them the most.
  3. Further changes are made on server-side to improve stability and security of the application.



Thank you.