Patch Notes v.90.02

[March 17th, 2021]


Era of the Kingslayer: Kresna


Seeker, on March 17th, the update added a new atma with Water element and Rogue class, named Kresna. Sea-E-O Kandita and Ring Princess Jela skins also returned in this patch. A new event called Spring Seekers’ Showdown, major bug fixes, as well as new contents are added.



[New Atma]

  • Kresna 5* and 6*

Spread BLEED to enemy’s entire row if Kresna hits an enemy with BLEED or FREEZE debuff. Harness his power, show no mercy.









  • Kresna 6* synth recipe
  • Sura 6*
  • Sura 6* synth recipe



[New Special Equipments]

  • Coronet of Mathura
  • Crown of Mathura



[New Summon Banner]

  • Tidal Spirit Summons: Kresna 5* and Srikandi 5*
  • Kandita 5* and Sura 5*



[New Event]

  • Spring Seekers’ Showdown

Fight each other and win rewards! Finish the quests to get your Crown and Ring Princess Jela skin!



[Atma Returning Skins]

  • Sea-E-O Kandita

Rule the Southern Seas with Kandita’s Sea-E-O fit!

  • Ring Princess Jela

Complete the Seekers’ Showdown quests to unlock Jelangkung’s skin!



[New Special Offers]

  • Exclusive Kresna offer
  • Deluxe Gift Offer Skin has been updated to Kandita Sea-E-O
  • Value Spring Deal for resources and summoning tickets



[Technical Updates]

  • Fixed several text issues in story sequences
  • Fixed display issue when important mails can’t expire, yet displayed as if they could



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