Patch Notes ver.0.102.01

August 26, 2021



Kresna’s Dungeon of Riddle

This big update contains several new IAP of summer-themed skins. Version 102.1 also added a new special event where Seekers can have Kresna in their team and trade collectibles with a free Sura skin. Beside the special dungeon event, Seekers can also finish Mythical Bootcamp to obtain plenty of resources to boost their progress.



[New Event]

– Kresna’s Dungeon of Riddles

“Ayy, a vacation will be a bit dull without a little challenge, don’t you agree?” Kresna swung his Cakra Baswara and slammed it down with a thump. The ground split and a swarm of fireflies flew out. A tower erected from the ground and a set of staircases exposed, all the way down to the darkness.

The new event invites players to ascend Kresna’s dungeon and solve his riddles along the way. Find redeem codes hidden in the riddles and get numerous rewards!

*event will start on September 8


– Mythical Bootcamp Quest

Login to the game and do the quests to get a huge amount of rewards. New seekers can utilize this event to kickstart their progression!



[New Skins]

Breezy Kresna



Tropical Queendita

Deep Water Sura


[Special Summon Banners]

  • Elemental Summon Banner: Sun (August 19 – September 1)
  • Elemental Summon Banner: Moon (September 1 – September 15)
  • Elemental Summon Banner: Fire (September 15 – September 29)



[Summon Banners]

  • Kandita x Anggatri (August 19 – September 15)
  • Sura x Surti (September 15 – September 29)



[Special Offers]

  • Summoning War Chest (August 19 – September 15)
  • Special offer: Kresna (September 8)
  • Special offer: Kandita (September 8)



[New Deluxe Gift]

Beach Side Anggatri

“What are they doing?” Anggatri lifted her hat slightly as Kresna and Sura ran past her. She turned to Kandita for some explanation. The Queen shrugged. “Hhhh, boys..”

By purchasing the new deluxe gift, you will be able to get Anggatri’s new skin!




  • Fixed several major issues in the game’s FTUE that in some cases leads users to not be able to progress in the tutorial unless they are restarting the game.
  • Hid the “voice” volume setting since it does not modify anything at the moment.
  • Fixed *6 Noni’s name to “Si Noni”, making it the same as her *4 and *5 counterpart.
  • Fixed a visual bug where skill icons still lights up after a battle.
  • Fixed a bug where after retiring an Atma, the retired Atma is still displayed at the Atma List.
  • Fixed the level display of Atma shown in the Atma detail in the battle menu.



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