Patch Notes ver.0.104.1

[September 24, 2021]


Return of the Sisters

On September 24, 2021, Code Atma will deliver updates for Sweta and Lohita’s Chronicles, new Epic Battle 0, and some improvement in game’s quality of life.



[Sisterly Tales Chronicle]

  • Sweta (29 Sept – 12 Oct 2021)
  • Lohita (6 Oct – 19 Oct 2021)
  • Sisterly Tales Chronicle Quest* (29 Sept – 13 Oct 2021)

*Players who have completed Sisterly Tale in the past can replay it to clear the event quest.



[New Summon Banner]

  • Sweta *5 x Lohita *5 (29 Sept – 27 Oct 2021)
  • Spirit Summon : Srikandi *5 (29 Sept – 27 Oct 2021)
  • Elemental Summon Banner now will rotate daily to help you get Atma with elements that you need

* End date may change


[Deluxe Gift]

Gothic Lohita

“I don’t dress up for you! Don’t be ridiculous. I just happen to have this dress in my wardrobe.” Lohita turned around, twirling her twin tail in the air.

Subscribe to our deluxe package to get Lohita’s skin and tons of resources to level up your Atma!




  • Fixed unable to use share function on Atma Synth.
  • Fixed battle popup tower not updated when changing floors.
  • Fixed Atma Circle and Shadow in Battle Formation.
  • Fixed issue where players cannot progress past Timun Mas’ tutorial.
  • Fixed inaccurrate skill descriptions for Atma.
  • Fixed bugs where Atma List for upgrading is not working as intended after you lost a battle.
  • Fixed issue where players cannot get out of event store.



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