Patch Notes ver.0.98.01

[June 24, 2021]

The Siege of Gatotkaca

The update added the final phase of Gatotkaca’s event for Code Atma’s soft launch anniversary. This version also have a new skin for Gatotkaca, as well as several exclusive anniversary deals.



[New Event]

Gatotkaca’s Siege

With his newfound allies, Gatotkaca is now ready to lead the siege against the horde of wanderers. The dimensional rift creates an enormous tower where all the wanderer’s gather. It is time to take the fight to them and save the world.​



[New Skin]

Guardian of Pandava: GX-2163

You’ve earned Gatotkaca allegiance. Together, you fight against troops of wanderers gushing out through dimensional rift to incite chaos to this world.

Participate in the event to collect the special coins and trade them in the event store!



[New Deals]

Exclusive Anniversary Deals

New exclusive special offers will be available for seekers during this anniversary period. Do not miss this exclusive chance to get goods and resources in amazing value!




[Bugfixes and tweaks]

  • Rebalanced several battles in the game’s chapter 0 to make experience smoother for new Seekers.
  • Fixed starter boost event banner not disappearing after the final reward has been claimed without restarting the game.
  • Fixed inconsistent red dot notification on Starter Boost Event Banner.
  • Fixed several typos and formatting in Wisanggeni’s and Sweta’s Chronicle.
  • Fixed bug on the “magnifying glass” button on atma detail, it now functions properly.
  • Added a popup warning in the case of failed log ins.
  • Adjusted copywriting for “general store” purchase text in the Beginner’s Quest.
  • Fixes an issue where activating the x4 Speed for battles and then pausing the game’s caused the game to be stuck.
  • Several other minor fixes for the game’s UI elements.



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