Patch Notes ver.0.99.01

[July 8, 2021]


Seeker’s Showdown

This update welcomed back the iconic Fight Club event: Seeker Showdown and Seeker Showdown: Underdog. 



[Summon Banners]

  • Drona x Nara (July 7 – 21)
  • Shinta x Arjuna (July 21 – August 11)



[Special Summon Banner]

Lohita x Antasena (July 21 – August 11)

To commemorate our winners in the Atma popularity contest, we have decided to include both Lohita and Antasena in a special summon banner. Save your diamonds and be ready to summon them! Find out why these two are our fan favorites!



[Chronicle Rerun]

  • Drona’s Chronicle (Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale) will be free to access for all players (July 7 – August 4)
  • Arjuna’s Chronicle (Blazing Arrow Tale) will also be free to access following Drona’s (July 21 – August 11)



[New Event]

Seeker’s Showdown (July 8 – 21)

It’s time to throw down! Challenge other seekers in the fight club and claim more rewards to get stronger. It’s survival of the fittest in the fight club this season, don’t miss out!


Seeker’s Showdown: Underdog (July 21 – August 4)

The fight club tweaks their rules, to even the playing field, seekers now can only fight with a strict restriction on Atma! This time, your strategy will win against brute strength, prepare your team and counter the enemy’s formation!



[Special Offers]

Extended: Exclusive Anniversary Deals (July 7 – August 11)



[Starterboost Removal]

In order to optimize our early game experience, we have decided to temporarily remove starterboost for new players going forward, however;

  • Players who have claimed a quest reward from the starterboost quest and obtain more than 0 points in the outgame quest will still be able to finish the quest and claim Lohita.
  • Players who have not claimed a quest reward from the starterboost quest and have 0 points in the outgame quest will have the quest removed.
  • New/fresh players will not have the starterboost quest available.

We sincerely apologize for this sudden removal of the starterboost feature, we will attempt to assess our early game experience further and create a better gameplay experience for our new users.



[Bugfixes and Tweaks]

  • Shorten the length of the combo tutorial in the FTUE
  • Minor tweaking to other battles in chapter 0
  • Fixed sorting issue in Atma list
  • Fixed compendium bug where Tumang’s portrait clashed with the *3 Atma header



Thank you,