Patch Notes ver.1.1.41 February’22

February 21, 2022


February 2022 Events Part 2!

“May the strength of Gatotkaca inspire you to move forward.”


Feature Update

  • Bahasa Indonesia option for VN and Tutorial
    New Seekers can choose the language for VN (Story campaign and chronicles) and tutorial at the first-time opening Code Atma. Existing Seekers can change language from Seeker Profile > Language > Bahasa Indonesia


Bug Fix

  • Fixing enemy details information at Combo Dungeon
  • Hiding Event Store button from dungeon events which don’t have any Event Store
  • Fixing Berserker Hanuman enemy detail information
  • Hiding event banner from home banner if Seeker has completed it. Note that completed event may still appear at home banner until app restart. The event banner may also still appear at event pop-up.


Atma Summon

  • Spirit Summon: Abysmal Spirit Rangda (02/03/22 – 30/03/22)
  • Regular Summon: Wisanggeni x Antasena (02/03/22 – 30/03/22)


Chronicle Highlight (update)

  • Of Brotherhood and Blood: Antasena (23/02/22 – 08/03/22)
  • Of Brotherhood and Blood: Wisanggeni (02/03/22 – 15/03/22)



  • Outgame Quest + Labyrinth: Gatotkaca’s Test of Might (16/02/22 – 02/03/22)
    “The rift between realities has finally opened. After one full year of mystical conflict, the influx of Atma from the other side and confrontation brought upon by seekers finally took its toll. Now it is up to a lone guardian to lead those who are willing to stop this inter-dimensional catastrophe.”
    This event and the Gatotkaca’s Labyrinth challenge starts after maintenance 16/02 at 12.00PM (GMT+7). Labyrinth will be force-restarted; your progress in the current labyrinth cycle will reset.


  • Dungeon + Event Store: Gatotkaca’s Siege (23/02/22 – 16/03/22)
    “With his newfound allies, Gatotkaca is now ready to lead the siege against the Deviants. The dimensional rift creates an enormous tower where all the deviants gather. It is time to take the fight to them and save the world!”


Special Offers & Promotion

  • Deluxe Gift: Skin: Noni AI (02/03/22 – 30/03/22)
  • Special Offer: Rangda Abysmal Deals (02/03/22 – 16/03/22)
  • Event Deals: Gatotkaca’s Siege (23/02/22 – 16/03/22)
  • Skin Deals: March Collection (01/03/22 – 31/03/22)
    Items in Skin Deals will slightly change every month.



  • General Store: Shiyoki’s Lonely Sale (16/02/22 – 02/03/22)
    “10-40% discounts for all items. I hope these sales will make the General Store livelier and cheer up Master Iro who stayed alone on Valentine.” – General Store Trainee –
    This event starts and ends at scheduled maintenance. Discounts appear after daily reset or if you refresh the store items manually (need diamonds).


Fight Club Atma Highlight

  • Season 47 (02/03/22 – 15/03/22)
    • *6 Wisanggeni
    • *6 Antasena
    • *5 Wisanggeni
    • *5 Antasena
    • *4 Welthok
    • *4 Tumang


  • Season 48 (16/03/22 – 29/03/22)
    • *6 Rangda
    • *6 Amritha
    • *5 Rangda
    • *5 Amritha
    • *5 Hanuman
    • *4 Hanuman


Additional Note for Gatot Kaca’s Labyrinth

For the duration of the event, Labyrinth will undergo temporal change:

  • Challenge Room will be available at each floor. The challenge is to fight against a team of Gatotkacas (or his entourages). Beat the challenge to get Gatot Coins (10, 20, and 30 in each respective floor).
  • Event Rooms will have additional reward at each floor, which is a few Gatot Coins (5, 5, and 10 in each respective floor).
  • In Stair Rooms, there are additional rewards:
    • 500 Diamonds in Floor 1
    • 000 Diamonds in Floor 2
    • 10 4* Sun Atma Shards in Floor 3


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