Patch Notes ver.1.1.41 March’22 – 2

March 2, 2022


Abysmal March 2022 Events Part 2!


Atma Summon

  • Regular Summon: Wisanggeni x Antasena (02/03/22 – 06/04/22) (schedule update)
  • Regular Summon: Amritha x Hanuman (16/03/22 – 13/04/22) (schedule update)
  • Spirit Summon: All Atma (30/03/22 – 04/05/22)


Chronicle Highlight

  • The False King’s Reign: Kresna (30/03/22 – 12/04/22)



  • Melatma’s Mischief Madness (30/03/22 – 13/04/22)
    Agate Anniversary (and April Mop) celebratory event.
    “Every year on the first day of April… All of wailings and misfortunes of Seekers who failed to summon the Atma they wish are manifested into six mischievous Melatma. These elemental blobs wreak havoc and chaos to every battle they passed. You can get your hand on these whimsical spirits… if you can handle their madness.”


Special Offers & Promotion

  • • Deluxe Gift: Skin: Kandita SEA E.O. (02/03/22 – 30/03/22)
  • Special Offer: Elemental Deals (23/03/22 – 30/03/22)
  • Special Offer: Recruitment Kit (30/03/22 – 13/04/22)



  • Belinda’s Secret Errand (16/03/22 – 30/03/22)
    “Lurking in the shadow of a night market, she approaches you on your lone stroll. She said a few words. You do as she says.”
    Go to Errand for a chance to do her secret biddings and get special ‘payment’. This event starts and end after maintenance.


  • Blacksmith: Madam Sari’s Monthly Sale! Is ended
    The sale won’t be back anytime soon, Madam Sari is thinking of some variety in her strategy.


Fight Club Atma Highlight

  •  Week 2 Mar’22 Season 48 (16/03/22 – 29/03/22)
    • *6 Rangda
    • *6 Amritha
    • *5 Rangda
    • *5 Amritha
    • *5 Hanuman
    • *4 Hanuman

Additional Guide on Belinda’s Secret Errand

From 16/03/22 – 30/03/22 (GMT+7), go to Errand for a chance to find secret errands and special reward!


  • At Errand Level 3, if you’re lucky (or rather unlucky?), you’ll find some secret errands coming from Belinda
  • These secret errands give you more rewards than normal errands
  • Some errands from Belinda will give you the rare Moon Atma Shards!
  • But remember that time and Atma requirements will be… a little bit unusual
  • The chance to find Belinda’s secret errands will be higher at higher Errand levels
  • Remember that you can increase your errand level by completing errands
  • You also can refresh unassigned errands by spending some Diamonds
  • This event starts and end after scheduled maintenance.
  • Have fun and make Mama Belinda proud!


P.S. Due to recent reports on bugs at ‘Claim All’ feature at Errand, avoid using this feature to claim finished errands for this moment.


Thank you,