Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 April’22 – 2

April 13, 2022


Blessed April’22 Events Part 2

“Look what a blissful night can bring:
Souls and spirits without stain
The fighters are on the ring
Let the showdown begin!”


Atma Summon

  • Regular Summon: Drona x Nara (20/04 – 25/05)


Chronicle Highlight

  • The Oathkeeper’s Tale: Lampir (20/04 – 03/05)
  • Of Brotherhood and Blood: Antasena (27/04 – 10/05)



  • Outgame Quest: Seeker’s Showdown (13/04 – 26/04)
    “Pour your soul! Explode your heart! This 50th Season of Fight Club will be a special one with special prize: The Legwear for Seekers who is in Need for SPEED: Replica Kacarma!” ___xx_Fightclub_announcer_xx___
    Battle at Fight Club and finish the quests to claim rewards!


  • Outgame Quest + Altar Store: Rajati’s Summon Festival (20/04 – 27/04)
    “Greeting, Seekers. Miss Rajati is always innovating with items she offered to you. We hope, the items we offered this time would help you prevailing in the current Fight Club event. Thank you, and have a good fight.” – Begu Ganjang, Miss Rajati’s loyal butler
    Complete the Rajati’s quests to get 5* Atma shards and spend your Altar Points in the Event Store!


  • Dungeon + Event Store: Sacred Night’s Tower (27/04 – 11/05)
    “Sacred Night returns at the end of the blessed month. Bestly willl make this a celebration for Seekers who brave the Sacred Night’s Tower and turn his store into a Fashion Sale! Trade your Kardables with Atma Skins!”


Special Offers & Promotion

  • Special Offer: Spring Deal (15/04 – 18/05)
    A timed offer in the spirit of spring! Available only for 48 hours!


  • Event Deals: Rajati’s Summon Festival (20/04/22 – 27/04/22)
  • Special Offer: Victorious Deal (27/04 – 04/05)
    Celebrate the end of the blessed month with special discounted resource package!


  • Event Deals: Sacred Night’s Tower (27/04 – 11/05)


Fight Club Atma Highlight

  • Season 50 (13/04 – 26/04)
    • *6 Lampir
    • *5 Lampir
    • *5 Rahwana
    • *5 Shinta
    • *4 Jelangkung
    • *4 Jenglot


  • Season 51 (27/04 – 10/05)
    • *6 Drona
    • *5 Drona
    • *5 Nara
    • *4 Nara
    • *4 Kuyang
    • *4 Luwo Ireng


Bug Fixes

  • Fixing *5 Rajati’s display name which was incorrectly displayed as Srikhandi.
  • Previously, if a player loses at chapter 0-4 and return to Atma Summon or Atma List, there’s tutorial pointer that prevent player from touching anything else. We’ve found a workaround for this by disabling button that led to Atma Summon and Atma List screen from Defeated screen at that chapter.
  • Remaining time displays for weekly reset at Weekly Deals and Weekly Quests are now the same. We want to re-confirm that weekly reset for Weekly Deals and Weekly Quests it on Sunday at 04.00 (UTC+7) while weekly reset for Atma Assist is on Monday at 04.00 (UTC+7).
  • Fixing some missing tutorials at FTUE.
  • Fixing stuck when closing errand detail pop-up if errand fail.
  • Fixing incorrect resource icons when claiming passive income. Now, it displays Gold, XP, and Soul icons correctly.
  • Fixing *6 Wisanggeni’s active skill animation sprite. Keep in mind that VFX for Active Skill for *6 Wisanggeni and *4 Wisanggeni is still the same.
  • Fixing tool tip at Daily Login Reward Day 14 and 21.
  • Fixing visual bug in outgame quest reward screen that sometimes displays reward from other running outgame quest.
  • Fixing stuck when opening Seeker Profile after retiring set Atma Prime. The retired Atma will be gone at Atma Prime but still available if you choose to modify it until after app restart.


Known Bugs list per 13/04/22

  • Errors at Errand when claiming some of finished errands. The bug is still being investigated. Please keep reporting it if you found similar issues.
  • Profile at Friend Profile is empty
  • New Tower notification is still displayed after accessing each available tower/dungeon
  • Position of Atma Fairy at Atma Assist is a bit off
  • In Chapter 0-13, there’s a chance of getting hang/stuck if you tap too fast to continue dialog.
  • Lent Atma still can be brought into Combo Dungeon
  • Winning battle at Chronicle using lent Atma doesn’t coount in the Friend Quest


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