Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 July’22

June 30, 2022


Breezy July’22 Events

“July is the month of summer shine, joy, and holiday! Step into the sandy beach and listen to the waves along with people you love under the golden sun. Sure, it’s mostly raining in many places. But summer is a state of mind to brighten your soul even in the heaviest downpour. And the memory we make this summer will brighten up your day all year long.” -Nana


Atma Summon

  • Spirit Summon: Tidal Spirit Kresna (29/06 – 03/08)
  • Regular Summon: Kandita x Anggatri (06/07 – 10/08)
  • Regular Summon: Sura x Surti (20/07 – 24/08)


Chronicle Highlight

  • Of Brotherhood and Blood – Antasena (29/06 – 12/07)
  • Of Brotherhood and Blood – Wisanggeni (06/07 – 19/07)
  • The Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale – Drona (13/07 – 26/07)
  • Blazing Arrow’s Tale – Srikandi (20/07 – 02/08)
  • Blazing Arrow’s Tale – Arjuna (27/07 – 09/08)



  • Dungeon+Store: Kresna’s Dungeon of Riddle (30/06 – 20/07)
    You got an invitation letter from Kresna to try the ‘summer challenge’ at his usual dungeon. In the back of the letter, there’s something written: “Come shell-ebrate this summer in my so-fish-ticated abode!”
    Complete Kresna’s 4 dungeons, collect the Conch Shells, and trade it with Sura’s Summer Skin!


  • Quest+Store: Madam Sari’s Smithing Festival (20/07 – 03/08)
    Madam Sari leaves the Arena. Another cooperation is secured. The Fight Club and her Atma equipment will always go hand in hand. Her Blacksmith’s future will always be guaranteed as long as the Seekers keep fighting each other in the Arena. But she feels a little doubt arose within her heart.
    Complete Madam Sari’s Quest and collect Emerald Tokens to trade it with high tier equipment and Arena Tickets!


  • Quest: Portal of Summon <Mini> (27/07 – 03/08)
    Login for the chance to collect Summoning Tickets!


  • Quest + Labyrinth: Gatot Kaca’s Test of Might – end
    The wanderers from dimensional rift has been wiped out and the Labyrinth, while still host many wanderers, is now become more stable. Thank you for your effort in keeping the order of this world!
    Labyrinth challenge will not be available. Rewards are back to normal.


Special Offers & Promotion

  • Deluxe Gift: Beach-Side Anggatri (29/06 – 03/08)


  • Event Deals: Kresna’s Dungeon Event Deals (30/06 – 20/07)
    You can buy additional Conch Shells and trade it with more items in Event Store!
  • Skin Deals: July Collection (01/07 – 31/07)


  • Special Offer: Kandita’s Breezy Offer (06/07 – 20/07)
    Get summoning items, Atma Kandita shards, and Tropical Queendita skin! This offer only available for 7 days, so get it while you can!


  • Special Offer: Kresna’s Summer Deals (20/07 – 03/08)
    Summoning items, Atma Kresna shards, and the handsome Breezy Kresna skin!


  • Event Deals: Madam Sari’s Event Deals (20/07 – 03/08)
    Get some golds and equipment to craft to strengthen your Atma with special prices!



  • Errand – Asterisk’s Secret Investigation – end
    “Greetings Seekers. Thank you for your contribution in discovering the truth of this world. As we gain more knowledge, the unknown expands, waiting for us to investigate. But that’s a story for another time. Regards, Asterisk”
    Special errands will not appear anymore on errand list. Reward from special errands started before maintenance can still be claimed after the errand is finished.


  • Other: Blacksmith – Madam Sari’s Sale (29/06 – 27/07)
    Madam Sari’s sales strategy has been changed. There’s a sliver of thought that Seekers may be too dependent on equipment. But she ignores the thought.
    Crafting tier 2-9 equipment now only needs 2 material and 75% gold cost. Crafting tier 10 and above now got 50% gold cost discount.


Fight Club Atma Highlight

  • Fight Club: Atma Highlight – Season 56 (06/07 – 19/07)
    • *6 Kandita
    • *5 Kandita
    • *5 Anggatri
    • *4 Anggatri
    • *4 Makara
    • *4 Buaya Putih


  • Fight Club: Atma Highlight – Season 57 (20/07 – 02/08)
    • *6 Kresna
    • *5 Kresna
    • *5 Sura
    • *5 Surti
    • *4 Surti
    • *4 Noni


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