Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 June’22 – 1

May 31, 2022


Mighty June’22 Events Part 1

“The greatest mass delusion is ‘order is the natural state of the world’. It’s never, in the eyes of mortal. It is us, who have the might more than common masses, who sweep the chaos under the rug.”


Atma Summon

  • Regular Summon: Vrahatnala x Gatotkaca (08/06 – 06/07)


Chronicle Highlight

  • Chronicle Highlight: The False King’s Reign – Kresna (01/06 – 14/06)
  • Chronicle Highlight: Sisterly Tale – Sweta (08/06 – 21/06)
  • Chronicle Highlight: Sisterly Tale – Lohita (15/06 – 28/06)



  • Dungeon+Store: Gatot Kaca’s Siege (01/06 – 15/06)
    Dimensional rifts happen more often than ever, but Gatotkaca is always ready to take them on anytime. Take on a horde of wanderers in the towers and save the world, again.
    New dungeon will appear every 2 days until June 7th. After that, 4 dungeons will be available until June 15th.


Special Offers & Promotion

  • Deluxe Gift: Gothic Lohita (01/06 – 29/06)
  • Skin Deals: June Collection (01/06 – 30/06)
  • Event Deals: Gatotkaca’s Siege Event Deals (01/06 – 15/06)
    Purchase more Gatot Coin to trade it with Gatotkaca’s Guardian of Pandava GX-2163 Skin!



  • Blacksmith: Madam Sari’s Monthly Sale (end)
    Madam Sari is quite satisfied with the result of his recent sales. But the astral current is changing. His sales strategy needs to dance around it.
  • General Store – Shiyoki’s Clearance Sale (31/05 – 15/06)
    “Grandpa Shiyoki visited a shelter house for charity and play around with little kids there. Against other volunteer’s warning, he played horsey and let some kids rode on his back. Presumably, ‘something’ else rode on and broke his hip. Now he’s at the hospital and we are holding a clearance sale to raise money for his medication bill. A little bit ironic, but that’s fate. I guess.”
    – General Store Trainee
    Get 10-40% discount on all items. A ‘special item’ may appear in the store. This event starts and ends at scheduled maintenance. Discounts appear after daily reset or if you refresh the store items manually (need diamonds).


Fight Club Atma Highlight

  • Season 54 (08/06 – 21/06)
    • *6 Vrahatnala
    • *5 Vrahatnala
    • *5 Gatotkaca
    • *4 Gatotkaca
    • *4 Arjuna
    • *4 Somawari



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