Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 June’22 – 2

June 15, 2022


Mighty June’22 Events Part 2

“Code Atma will celebrate its 2nd soft-launch anniversary this month. We want to send our thanks to all Seekers who are still with us since our inception. And for those who joined later we hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Let’s continue our journey to unveil the truth!”


Atma Summon

  • Regular Summon: Rahwana x Cindaku (22/06 – 20/07)


Chronicle Highlight

  • Chronicle Highlight: The Oathkeeper’s Tale – Lampir (22/06 – 05/07)



  • Quest + Labyrinth: Gatot Kaca’s Test of Might (15/06 – 29/06)
    The wanderers from dimensional rift scattered out from the towers into a decrepit mansion. It seems that it contains a ley-line with powerful spiritual energy that attracts these foul Atma. Be careful, these wanderers hide behind a Labyrinth inside the mansion, and may give you a more dangerous challenge than before.
    Complete the quest by fighting in the Labyrinth and collect free diamonds and resources! Completing Challenge, Event, and Stairs room at the Labyrinth also give additional resources for limited time!
    This event starts and ends after maintenance.


  • Quest: Portal of Summon (19/06 – 29/06)
    On June 25th we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Code Atma’s soft-launch! Asterisk will distribute special gifts both for Seekers who’ve been with us since our inception and Seekers who’ve just dived into the War Beyond the Veil. Check out the event to seek the quests you need to complete to get 4-star and 5-star Elemental Shards!


Special Offers & Promotion

  • Special Offer: Anniversary Deals (15/06 – 29/06)
    To celebrate our soft-launch anniversary, we give you multiple packages offering 5-star Shards with exciting prices! Use these offers to rank-up and max-out your Atma level!



  • General Store – Shiyoki’s Clearance Sale (end)
    “Thanks to the sale, Grandpa Shiyoki’s medical bill is covered. However, there’s still a few weeks until they release him from the hospital. The doctor wants to make sure Grandpa’s back is fully recovered and Grandpa can become a hyperactive old dude again without any risk to his back. Anyway, he thanks all of you for your support.”
    – General Store Trainee
    General store items, discount, and prices will back to normal after manual or daily refresh.


  • Errand – Asterisk’s Secret Investigation (15/06 – 29/06)
    “Greetings Seekers. It has been years since Code Atma starts operating. We always commit to our goal on improving relation between mankind and their Atma for the betterment of life. With recent occurrence in astral wave disturbances, there are so much to investigate that we turn to you, Seekers, for assistance. So now, we’d inform you that you can be involved in making this world a better place with Atma. Regards, Asterisk”
    Go to Errand for a chance to do some special mission for Asterisk and get special reward!

    Additional Guide:

    • At Errand Level 2, if you’re chosen (by lady luck), you’ll find some secret missions from Asterisk (its name begins with some number or ‘File’)
    • These special errands give you more rewards than normal errands
    • Some of the missions will reward you with some Arena Token and Elemental Summoning Tickets!
    • Time and Atma requirements will be adjusted accordingly for those high reward special missions
    • The chance to find the special missions will be higher at higher Errand levels
    • You can increase your errand level by completing errands
    • You also can refresh unassigned errands by spending some Diamonds
    • Thank you for continuing support for Asterisk as developer of Code Atma
    • P.S. Due to recent reports on bugs at ‘Claim All’ feature at Errand, avoid using this feature to claim finished errands for this moment.



Fight Club Atma Highlight

  • Season 55 (22/06 – 06/07)
    • *6 Cindaku
    • *5 Cindaku
    • *5 Rahwana
    • *4 Rahwana
    • *4 Amritha
    • *4 Sembrani


Thank you,