Patch Notes ver.1.1.51 May’22 – 2

May 18, 2022


Sacred May’22 Events Part 2

“Silence and sombreness sometimes follow sacredness. Though this time, solemnity surfaced to silence someone before a certain celebration.”


Atma Summon


Chronicle Highlight

  • The Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale – Drona (25/05 – 07/06)



  • Outgame Quest + Altar Store: Rajati’s Summon Festival (25/05 – 01/06)
    “Greeting, Seekers. It’s I again, Begu Ganjang, who will announce you the much-awaited monthly Altar Store while Miss Rajati is preoccupied with other vital matters. Rest assured that she’s fine and we’ll continue running this legal business. This time, we will help you rank up current summon banners Atma and other Atma compatible with them. And there’s more. We happen to have some small gifts from certain blacksmith we want to share with you. We hope you’ll enjoy this festival and Altar Store.” – Begu Ganjang, Miss Rajati’s loyal butler
    Complete the Rajati’s quests to get 5* Atma shards and spend your Altar Points in the Event Store!


Special Offers & Promotion

  • Event Deals: Rajati’s Summon Festival (25/05 – 01/06)
    Find out interesting Elemental Summoning Ticket Packages with exciting prices!



  • Blacksmith: Madam Sari’s Monthly Sale (27/04 – 31/05) (schedule update)
    Madam Sari felt a sudden silence on the street. ‘Isn’t that old coot planned to hold a sale or something right now?’ she thinks. But just to be safe, she prolongs her own sale.
    Equipment crafting from tier 2 to 9 now only requires 2 equipment of previous tier and cost 25% less! For equipment crafting from tier 10 up, crafting costs are discounted 50%!


Fight Club Atma Highlight

  • Season 53 (25/05 – 07/06)
    • *6 Antasena
    • *5 Antasena
    • *5 Somawari
    • *4 Somawari
    • *4 Tuyul
    • *4 Fairy

Additional Note

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we cancelled General Store: Shiyoki’s Sale event for this month.


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