Patch Notes ver1.0.7

[November 4, 2021]


Rangda: the Moonlight Mistress

This update introduces a new Moon Atma named Rangda. With her various events and new shop, Seekers have the chance to get her fast as well as getting skins they haven’t got. Note that there was no patch notes for ver1.0.6 as it was only performance improvement and bug fixes.



[New Atma]

Oh how I loathe the sun,

Its sharp and blinding light,

Averting our gaze from what lies beyond sight,

A future of ruin, deceit, and betrayal.

Meet Rangda, the exclusive Moon-element, Wizard-class Atma that will give herself an extra turn when attacking an enemy inflicted by a debuff. Prepared to meet your glory? Or will you fall to your doom?



[New Events]

Rangda’s Blessing (10 – 17 November)

In this limited summon banner, you have higher chance to acquire *5 units. For every 10 summon, you’ll get 0,8% rate increase for getting *5 Atma. The increased rate will be reset when you get *5 Atma. Also, you get 15 spirit points with each 10 summons which will make it easier for you to be graced with Rangda’s presence.


The Curse of Rangda and Event Store (10 – 17 November)

Conquer the Dungeon and collect Plumerias to exchange with summoning resources and various other rewards!


Skin Deals Opening (4 – 17 November)

Managed by Miss Luna Claire (you might recognize her from somewhere else), the skin shop provides a limited selection of Atma skins you can purchase. Check it out before it closes!



[New Summon Banner]

  • Abysmal Spirit – Rangda (10 November – 8 December)
  • Gatotkaca 5* x Vrahatnala 5* (10 November – 8 December)




  • Blazing Arrows Tale – Srikandi (10 – 23 November)
  • Mahaguru’s Criterion Tale (17 – 29 November)



[New Offers]

Special Offer: Abysmal Deals (10 – 24 November)

Deluxe Gift: Gatotkaca Guardian of Pandava GX-2163 (3 November – 1 December)




  • Fixed chest popup not opened bug
  • Fixed invalid Outgame Quests rewards
  • Fixed claim all errand only counted 1 point towards quest



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