Rangda’s Blessing and Curse of Rangda Event


Greetings, Seeker

Haven’t had the chance to add Rangda to your forces? Don’t worry, the Rangda’s Blessing event will increase your chance to summon her and other 5-stars Atma. With the Limited Summon banner, your chance to summon a 5-star Atma will increase for every 10 summon, and reset to the base value after you pull a 5-star Atma. Not only that, you will also receive 15 Spirit Points as opposed to 10 Spirit Points for every 10 summon during this limited-time event. You can also make use of our special offer, the limited-time Abysmal Deals, to gather her Atma shards and summon her instantly as soon as possible!

If you’re not so sure about utilizing Rangda’s full arsenal of abilities, a special dungeon is available during the Curse of Rangda event. In it, you can explore the dungeon alongside Rangda herself, enabling you to experiment with different strategies involving her in your party. Familiarize yourself with the high-risk, high-reward playstyle with Rangda and watch as she weakens and obliterate her foes, all without breaking a sweat. Do not forget to spend your hard-earned Plumeria – the event’s special token – in exchange for gold, experience, summoning tickets, and more in the event store!

Rangda’s Blessing and Curse of Rangda will be available starting from November 10th until the 17th. This presents the best opportunity for you to summon the Moonlight Mistress herself, so why wait? Log in to Code Atma now and find out for yourself how powerful Rangda can be!



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